Here's a Much Closer Look at All the Monsters in 'Pacific Rim'

Here's a Much Closer Look at All the Monsters in 'Pacific Rim'

Jul 15, 2013

No doubt the coolest part of Pacific Rim is watching the ridiculously crazy battles between the giant Jaeger suits and these alien Kaiju. But because almost all of the battles happen at night, it's hard to make out some of the cool inventive details of these monsters, all of which had names, distinct features and unique abilities. Thanks to the Heroflix line of Pacific Rim toys, we can now get all up and personal with five of the main monsters featured in the film. Granted this video only shows us the various Kaiju in toy form, but what's nice about it is you really get to see some of the detail that went into each one. 

Check out the video below along with images of the five monsters and their names. To learn more about where you can pick these toys up, check out this site.






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