'Pacific Rim' Might Be a Box Office Hit After All

'Pacific Rim' Might Be a Box Office Hit After All

Sep 26, 2013

Pacific Rim

There’s been a lot of debate as to whether Guillermo del Toro’s mechs-vs.-monsters flick Pacific Rim was a flop or not since it released this past July. While the film didn’t set the box office ablaze with ticket sales here in America, the film has proven to be a steady earner to date – and it performed significantly better overseas. Now, with summer having drawn to a close, we can see that GDT’s film actually did pretty well and has emerged as the top grossing live-action film of the summer that was based on an original piece of intellectual property. Hey, you take the wins where you can find them.

GDT’s film rolled in with a budget of $190 million dollars, and it currently sits at $397.4 million in global ticket sales. As Comicbook.com points out, this is a significant figure because many postulated that Pacific Rim would have to make $400 million to break even after factoring in advertising and all that good stuff. The good news is, it’s really close. It’s also really, really close to breaking the $100 million mark domestically (it sits at $99.3 million), which would make it the 20th film to crack that mark this year.

While this is certainly something for GDT and the fans to crow about, it does paint a bit of a sad picture moving forward. The reality of the summer blockbusters is apparently this: you can create a cool new IP, you can leverage that IP into nearly half a billion dollars in ticket sales, and that means you essentially broke even. Now I understand why everything is a sequel and a reboot and why Hollywood’s economics are completely out of whack. The good news? Maybe we’ll actually get a Pacific Rim 2 – should be an easier sell since it’s just another sequel, right?





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