Overheard at Comic-Con: The First 36 Hours

Overheard at Comic-Con: The First 36 Hours

Jul 22, 2011

There are 130,000 people packed into the San Diego Convention Center this weekend, and most of those folks have something to say. Hopefully you’ve been following along with our in-depth coverage of all the goings-on of Comic-Con 2011, but to truly get a sense of what it’s like to in the eye of the storm out here, the play-by-play of what the studios are showing doesn’t really paint a complete picture. Those of you on Twitter have probably been inundated with a steady stream of thoughts, snark, hype, and bile from the people attending the con, but we thought it might be fun to gather a collection of telling soundbites from what was said on and around the Hall H floor for a more accurate portrait of the vibe here at the geek event of the year. So here’s a sampling of what we overheard during the first 36 hours of SDCC 2011.

Note: Some of these quotes may be slightly misremembered and / or completely fictionalized. Nevertheless, we will vouch for their accuracy just about anywhere besides a court of law.

“Sorry!” - Everyone in the insanely packed dealer’s room to everyone else. Forever.

Pee-Wee Herman: “The secret word of the day begins with a ‘C’ and ends with an ‘N.’

Guy dressed as Jigsaw: “... Caesarean?”

Girl 1: “I loved the footage from that new Aarman movie, Pirates!”

Girl 2: “Oh yeah? What’s it about?”

Girl 1: “Pirates, I think. Whatever, there were no cars that talked -- I’m sold.”

Guy dressed as The Joker: Captain America” is easily the best Marvel movie!

Guy dressed as a slightly cheaper looking version of The Joker: “Whatever, the uncut footage from my brother’s bar mitzvah would have been the best Marvel movie.”

“I think that one movie for Twisted Sister was enough, really.” - Pee-wee Herman

“We don’t have the vampires that sparkle -- that panel was yesterday. We’re the cool vampire movie.” - Person introducing every film that isn’t Twilight.

“He’s short. I mean, he’s short.” 4-foot tall child talking about running into Seth Green

Drive is so f*****g good.” - Everyone who has seen Drive.

OMG, I cannot wait for the new Underworld movie!” - No one.

“Don’t f**k with that Guy! ...Hehe. Guy.” - Guillermo del Toro on Guy Pearce

“Was filming Memento confusing?” -- Question posed to Guy Pearce by audience member in unrequited romance with his own voice.

Devil’s Backbone is my favorite ghost movie ever, and Valhalla Rising was... um... trippy as hell.” - Typical panel “question” posed to Guillermo del Toro and Nicolas Winding-Refn.

“It’s bullshit. It’s a chopper and seven flights, Ridley should have been here.” - Charlize Theron, upset that Prometheus director Ridley Scott didn’t make the trip to SDCC.

“I’ll never work without 3D again, even in small dialogue scenes.” - Ridley Scott

"It's giant fucking monsters vs. giant fucking robots." Guillermo del Toro on Pacific Rim

“&(*#(&^@!!*#&#^@**@%!!@#” - Scott Weinberg

“The mo-cap in Tintin is pretty great, although I’m not sure why they decided to re-imagine all of my favorite characters as zombies.” - A young Tony Snark during the Tintin panel.

“The scariest cos-play is Trash Humpers cos-play.” - Me, after running away at full speed from two people dressed as Harmony Korine’s signature bald old men.

“Where are all the fat Slave Leia’s at?” - Some dude at a bar, looking for fat Slave Leia’s.

“I think this panel might be the first time that Nicolas Cage is learning that he’s in this movie.” - Female attendee after watching footage from the new Ghost Rider film, most of which features Nicolas Cage’s skull on fire (and the rest of which includes footage of him pissing a stream of flames).

“I really hope that no one here remembers the original...” - The entire Total Recall panel,  who waited about 30 minutes before (reluctantly) mentioning that their film is a remake.

“I Totally Recall seeing this movie when it starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, and instead of Len Wiseman had that chick with three boobs.” - The inner monologue of all 6,000 attendees in Hall H, most of whom would eventually speak aloud some lame variation of that pun before the day was over.

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