The Minds Behind 'Sinister' Are Bringing Back 'The Outer Limits'

The Minds Behind 'Sinister' Are Bringing Back 'The Outer Limits'

Jun 19, 2014

Scott Derrickson is a busy man. He's got Deliver Us from Evil coming out in a few weeks, he'll be producing Sinister 2 later this year, and he just landed directing duties on Marvel's Doctor Strange. But that's not busy enough, so he and his Sinister cowriter C. Robert Cargill have just landed writing duties on a new The Outer Limits movie.

MGM is producing the feature version of the classic sci-fi anthology series, though this movie won't contain multiple stories. It'll actually be a single, feature-length adaptation of Harlan Ellison's fantastic episode "Demon with a Glass Hand," about a man who is sent into the past in order to save the future. It's been wrongly spread over the years that it was this story that Ellison sued James Cameron for ripping off with The Terminator, though that was actually another of his Outer Limits episodes called "Soldier."

We don't yet know where this film will fit in the timeline with the other projects Derrickson and Cargill are cooking up, but our fingers are crossed it ends up on the big screen before too long. "Demon with a Glass Hand" is a pretty cool story involving aliens hunting a man through time and space; a man whose hand has been replaced with a computer that will guide him on his mission to save mankind. That's precisely the kind of out-there sci-fi we love to see Hollywood dive into.

For the curious out there, you can actually watch the original, 1964 episode of The Outer Limits over on Hulu. And here's the show's fantastic opening credits, which we sincerely hope make it into the movie somehow.





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