In and Out: Emma Stone Drives a Cocaine-Filled 'Little White Corvette;' Matt Damon Drops Out of His Directorial Debut

In and Out: Emma Stone Drives a Cocaine-Filled 'Little White Corvette;' Matt Damon Drops Out of His Directorial Debut

Jan 05, 2012

Emma StoneTwo fairly big pieces of hiring news in Hollywood this morning – one actress is “in” on a new project, while a fledgling director is “out” on a separate title. Read on for the full scoop.

In the “in” column, we’ve got actress Emma Stone hopping into a Little White Corvette. Deadline reports that the actress has agreed to star in the feature – which is about a “nerdy guy and his wild older sister who travel to Miami to try and sell a million-dollar stash of ’70s cocaine they found in the trunk of their late father’s car.”

Stone is in high (no pun intended) demand these days, having just completed Sony’s Spider-Man reboot and earning some Oscar buzz for her performance in The Help. She decided to jump into the Little White Corvette in order to fill an open spot in her increasingly crowded schedule. Shooting is expected to commence this summer.

Now that we know who’s in, let’s find out who’s out.

Matt Damon was prepared to follow his Pearl Street Productions partner Ben Affleck to a gig behind the camera by making his directorial debut with an untitled Dave Eggers project. When news of this broke last October, details about the film were hard to come by, but the latest is pretty clear: Damon is backing out of directing the film.

Vulture’s source says Damon has decided to remove himself from helming the project because of various “script issues” – which is intriguing since Damon co-wrote the script (which came from an idea by Dave Eggers) along with John Krasinski. No one seems to know what these issues are, but the film was reportedly about a salesman who arrives in a small town and undergoes some “intense personal scrutiny that turns his life upside down.”

While Damon doesn’t want to direct, he’s apparently still interested in headlining the project should it ever get off the ground. 

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