Our Favorite Speeches: 'Beautiful Girls'

Our Favorite Speeches: 'Beautiful Girls'

Aug 09, 2011

Screenwriter Scott Rosenberg reportedly scripted this 1996 slice of small-town American life while he was stuck in Boston one winter, awaiting word from Disney about his screenplay for Con Air. Craving something a little less explosive, he decided to write a story about his hometown friends and the way they dealt with their impending 30s and the notion of spending their entire lives in the same town they grew up in together.

In Beautiful Girls, when Willie Conway (Timothy Hutton) returns home from New York City, he discovers that his pal Paul Kirkwood's coping strategy involves fixating on the world's most beautiful women. It becomes obvious pretty quickly that Beautiful Girls director Ted Demme found the perfect actor to deliver Paul's poetic ode to beautiful women in Michael Rapaport. After only a few lines, Rapaport shows you that Paul isn't your garden-variety chauvinist ogling Victoria's Secret catalogs. In fact, he's gone beyond objectifying women and has created an entire philosophy based on the fairer sex that even starts to make sense — until you remember that he also named his massive, slobbering dog “Elle Macpherson.”

Beautiful Girls is an impressive ensemble film that let each of its stars have their moment (or two) in the spotlight. In a movie filled with quotable lines, Rapaport's “Beautiful Girls” speech is one of the best of the bunch.

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