Our Favorite Inspirational Moments: 'Major League'

Our Favorite Inspirational Moments: 'Major League'

Jun 17, 2011

Men cry at sports movies. Don't let them tell you otherwise. They don't have "something in their eye," nor are they about to sneeze. The sports movie offers a wonderfully direct route to a man's heart, and they don't even need to be a sport nut, either. (I never watch boxing, but I get goose bumps all throughout Rocky and Rocky 2.) To list all of the mega-manly sports flicks that may inspire a small touch of watery eyes would be a pointless act ... plus it would probably ruin some of the best "inspirational moments" that we plan to use later ... and so I choose a strange pick.

David S. Ward's Major League

On the surface, Major League is little more than Animal House on a baseball diamond: adorably slobby men doing charmingly chaotic things while being manly and funny and vulgar, but buried deep beneath the surface-level silliness is a tale of talented athletes saying SCREW YOU to the corporate interests that tower over them like devilish puppeteers. And while it should come as no surprise that the screwy Indians manage to win the big game, it's the way the unapologetically broad ensemble of characters expresses its joy when the moment comes. We even get a fractured romance subplot that's, get this, magically cured by a simple baseball victory! Talk about many wish fulfillment!

So yes, it's a silly one, to be sure, but I've always been a huge fan of the Major League finale. Take a look below to see why. And never, ever (ever) watch the Major League sequels. They're really bad.

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