Our Favorite Couples: 'Mulholland Dr.'

Our Favorite Couples: 'Mulholland Dr.'

Jul 27, 2011

David Lynch's sinuous Mulholland Dr. winds down the boulevard that leads to Hollywood's dead-end dreams where humiliation, obsession, and heartbreak reign. The two women at the heart of this story aren't one of film's happier love letters, yet Naomi Watts and Laura Harring's performances are memorable to the core. Theirs is a depraved and dark frisson that hypnotically shifts between identities and dream worlds. Despite the tragic tone of the story, there are moments when we're allowed to bask in the sweetness of heated infatuation before it simmers into something much uglier – but we're also left questioning if those feelings are evoked by truth, or nostalgic daydreams. Many have dismissed this coupling as catering purely to male fantasy or reinforcing disturbing stereotypes about lesbian love – namely for the sex scene the women share and the revenge subplot. It's the way Lynch toys with the duality of constructs surrounding female desire, and specifically those of the movie industry, however, that allows audiences to tease endless interpretations from this tangled affair.


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