Our Favorite Action Scenes: ‘Air Force One’

Our Favorite Action Scenes: ‘Air Force One’

Jul 26, 2011

Air Force One

With Cowboys & Aliens right around the corner, what better way to celebrate the Our Favorite Action Scenes day of the week than with an iconic Harrison Ford moment? Ford is awesome when flinging his bullwhip in Indian Jones or firing a blaster in Star Wars, but Mr. Ford has no problem taking out the bad guy with nothing but, well, the presidency. When Ivan Korshunov (Gary Oldman) and a band of Soviet terrorists hijack Air Force One, it’s not the Secret Service that comes to the rescue, rather President James Marshall (Ford) himself.

Spoiler Alert

Sure, the actual plane crash is one of the most horrific uses of CGI in the technology’s history as is the part during which Ford dangles from the cord of a rescue plane and we catch a glimpse of a failed attempt at using green screen when the wing of the plane appears in Ford’s pants, but the mid-flight action did lend itself to some pretty exciting battle scenes.

The fight choreography and performances are at their best, when after taking out his men one-by-one, Korshunov is left to duke it out with the president. The battle goes down in a wicked scene in the plane’s cargo bay at the end of which we not only get an incredible death, but unforgettable line of dialogue, too. Thanks to Air Force One, I dream of the day I can literally say to someone, “Get off my plane!"

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