Our Favorite 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Fan-Made Trailer So Far

Our Favorite 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Fan-Made Trailer So Far

Feb 06, 2013

The minute Disney announced a new Star Wars sequel for 2015 was the minute we all knew the Internet would obsess over this movie like no other movie before. Only a few short months after the announcement and already the Internet is stuffed with fan-made videos related to Episode VII, with those videos doubling after J.J. Abrams was announced as the film's director. Not that we're necessarily complaining about all the videos -- after all, they give us something to do while we wait for more announcements, like who's starring and what's the film actually about. 

Here's a really great fan-made trailer (our favorite so far) that blends the audio from the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer with video from other movies and Star Wars-related video games, revealing a potential Episode VII full of all kinds of wicked lightsaber battles.

While that trailer definitely brings the action, it does miss the heart of the film, which Abrams will no doubt focus a lot of attention on as he pushes forward. A huge criticism of the prequels was that they felt hollow and overly political, whereas Abrams (and screenwriter Michael Arndt) will most likely steer this new franchise in a more emotionally driven direction. Sure the action set pieces will be plentiful, but we want to care about these characters. We want to invest in their adventures. 

This next video taps into some of the schmaltzy emotion Abrams might bring to the franchise by re-creating the end of Return of the Jedi if it were directed by Abrams. This definitely lays it on pretty thick, but don't be surprised if heart strings are tugged at continually throughout the next three Star Wars sequels. Yes nerds, be prepared to get your cry on.

[via /Film, Unique Daily]


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