The Other Avenger: Wanna See the Guy Who's IN the Iron Man Suit?

The Other Avenger: Wanna See the Guy Who's IN the Iron Man Suit?

May 02, 2012

Watching Iron Man in one of his solo films or in The Avengers, it's easy to just assume that's Robert Downey Jr. both as Tony Stark and as Iron Man, except that's not the case. Downey Jr. has a stunt double for all the work inside the suit (except when he's wearing the suit minus his helmet), and the same guy has been the real Iron Man throughout the character's three big-screen appearances. Who is he? 

From Samuel L. Jackson's Twitter feed last night: "For all you ladies that need a reason to see #Avengers, here's the Brutha IN the Ironman suit. Clay Fontenot!" 

Clay Fontenot is a stuntman who's appeared in over 60 films, including all of the Blade films, Planet of the Apes, The Fast and the Furious, Quantum of Solace, The Book of Eli and the upcoming Django Unchained. So as you get ready to see The Avengers this weekend, keep Clay in mind because he's the one doing most of Iron Man's ass-kicking. 

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