Watch: 'Osombie,' the Inevitable Zombie Osama Bin Laden Movie, Gets a First Trailer

Watch: 'Osombie,' the Inevitable Zombie Osama Bin Laden Movie, Gets a First Trailer

Feb 06, 2012


When Osama Bin Laden died a lot of people felt an oddly comforting sense of relief. Not everyone, though. There are those among us who grew ever more restless after the assassination of America's biggest public enemy, knowing full well that one day his zombie corpse would rise from the abyss and command a legion of undead terrorists the likes of which no living man has ever bore witness to. And now a group of our greatest patriots have banded together to create a film foretelling this exact scenario. It's called Osombie: The Axis of Evil Dead and it has a trailer.

Kidding aside, Osombie actually looks a bit more proficient than we were expecting based on the title alone. Sure, it looks incredibly low rent by Hollywood's standards, but, hey, that's because it's an incredibly low rent movie. In fact, the team behind it is still in need of some funding to finish the post-production on the film, so they've launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the remainder of their budget. So if you think the below looks even mildly amusing, feel free to toss them a few bucks.

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