Oscars vs. Golden Globes: Which Nominations Got It Right This Year?

Oscars vs. Golden Globes: Which Nominations Got It Right This Year?

Jan 10, 2013

The Golden Globes have long been considered the lesser of the two big annual film awards. They're chosen by foreign journalists who have little reason to hold much influence, and these members tend to be criticized for being starstruck when voting. They also focus on above-the-line talent rather than including specialty filmmaking crafts, have ignored documentary completely for more than three decades and once allowed the list of winners to be plainly read aloud on television by Billy Bush -- not that the HFPA had much they could do about that last one.

But this might be the year that the Golden Globes deserve more respect than the Academy Awards with regards to who and what they've selected as contenders. For instance, with this morning's announcement of the Oscar nominations, a lot of the major surprises had to do with snubs in the Best Director category. No Kathryn Bigelow, no Ben Affleck and no Quentin Tarantino, while each saw their film named for Best Picture (the fourth non-match is Tom Hooper, but nobody seems upset about his exclusion). Each of the three are, meanwhile, nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Director.

Also picked by the HFPA but not the Academy are Best Actor nominees John Hawkes, Richard Gere and Jack Black, the last thanks to the Golden Globes' recognition of comedy. Likewise, the HFPA chose Best Actress candidates such as Marion Cotillard and Rachel Weisz over a nine-year-old girl. Of course, they also missed the great elder actress Emmanuelle Riva while including the laughable selection of Nicole Kidman in The Paperboy for Best Supporting Actress. Then again, unlike the Oscars, the Golden Globes gave at least one nomination to Cloud Atlas (Best Original Score) and named The Intouchables among its Best Foreign Language Film contenders.

What does the Academy got? How about a French film for Best Picture? How about a cinematography nomination for Skyfall? How about two Snow White movies up for the same award (Best Costume Design)? And recognition for The Avengers (Best Visual Effects), The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Best Visual Effects; Best Makeup and Hairstyling; Best Production Design), Ted (Best Original Song) and The Simpsons (Best Animated Short). Of course, the Golden Globes nominees include actual television series, and everyone likes TV more than movies these days.


Which film awards nominations got it more right this year?

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