The Oscars Website Is Turning into an Awesome Vault of Hollywood Nostalgia

The Oscars Website Is Turning into an Awesome Vault of Hollywood Nostalgia

Oct 14, 2014

The minds at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences who help run this hot mess we call Hollywood have redesigned their website. And there’s some pretty great stuff to be found there.

Since the Academy went online in 2008, they’ve been boasting about their “10 million photographs, 165,000 film and video assets, 80,000 screenplays, 50,000 posters, 20,000 production and costume design drawings, and 1,400 special collections." But the old design felt limited. L.A.-based entertainment marketing agency Trailer Park helped them out, creating an interactive, cineaste’s dream. Of course, this is all leading up to the new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures opening in 2017.

You can take in your own little exhibition at home via the website. Gizmodo explains:

Folks can time travel back through old Oscars ceremonies or plan ahead on the upcoming Events page, but the most fun are the new Collections. The team selected 11 subjects to start—from movie icons like costume legend Edith Head and anime visionary Hayao Miyazaki to classic flicks like Jaws and Pulp Fiction—and populated each of these pages with video, images, sketches, behind the scenes stuff, and even newspaper clippings from the production on through to theatrical release. Apparently more are already in the works, which is great, because all this does is make me want more more more: More media, more movies, more everything.

Here are image previews from the archives, including a shot from Jaws, The Wizard of Oz (featuring the rejected Tin Man), Hitchcock’s Vertigo with Kim Novak, and a behind-the-scenes shot from the iconic dance scene in Pulp Fiction. Visit the Academy website for more goodies.




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