Oscar Auction Offers Up 15 Statuettes for Film Lovers with Money to Spare

Oscar Auction Offers Up 15 Statuettes for Film Lovers with Money to Spare

Feb 22, 2012

Oscar statueIf you’re looking for the perfect gift for the movie-lover who has everything, we’ve got an idea for you.

15 Oscar statues will be up for auction in Los Angeles next week, just days after this year’s Academy Awards are handed out on February 26th. Los Angeles-based auctioneer Nate D. Sanders will sell off the highly-coveted statuettes in what is being called the largest auction of Oscar gold in movie history.

The stash of awards for sale include some pretty nifty pieces – Herman Mankiewicz’s Best Screenplay award for Citizen Kane, the 1933 Best Picture Oscar for Cavalcade, Gregg Toland’s cinematography award for Wuthering Heights, and editing and musical score statues for The Best Years of Our Lives. That’s quite the haul.

The auction is expected to bring in around $2 million in proceeds, given the lineage of the awards for sale. Citizen Kane and The Best Years of Our Lives are highly regarded films, and Cavalcade has the historical significance of being the oldest Best Picture statue ever offered for sale.

It’s interesting to see Mankiewicz’s Oscar on the block, since Orson Welles’ Best Screenplay statue for Citizen Kane just sold in December of last year – earning an astounding $861,542, though it seems unlikely that the Mankiewicz award will fetch quite as much.

Oscars are rare finds at auctions these days, because the Academy instituted a rule back in 1950 stating that winners could only sell their awards back to the Academy – and for the princely sum of $1. So, bid early and often before this once in a lifetime opportunity passes you by.

[via Reuters]

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