Orphan: A Planned Adoption

Orphan: A Planned Adoption

Aug 06, 2009

The Orphan

If you haven’t yet seen director Jaume Collet-Serra’s twisted little Orphan, you’ll be able to adopt her on disc soon enough. The sleeper hit with the impressive performance by young Isabelle Fuhrman as the titular problem child is still thrilling genre fans in theaters but is already announced for DVD and Blu-ray on October 27, just in time for Halloween. No specs or details about extras have yet been announced, but expect a behind-the-scenes peek at how adorable Fuhrman transformed herself into Little Orphan Angry. What’s even more startling is that movies that have just come out in theaters or aren’t even released yet are already scheduled for home video. The Final Destination, the fourth film in the FD franchise and the first one in 3-D, doesn’t come out in theaters until August 28, but its final destination on Blu-ray and DVD has already been slated for December 22. Blu-ray Bob thinks that if studios are going to jump the gun with announcements that they should clue him in on the home video date for, say, The Hobbit—he needs to clear some shelf space.

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