The Week in Original Content: 34 Columns, Features and Interviews

The Week in Original Content: 34 Columns, Features and Interviews

Jul 30, 2011

Another work week has flown by, leaving behind 34 original columns, features and interviews here at  No big deal.

Monday, July 25th


DVD Obscura: Puppets vs. Nazis in WWII-era London by Alonso Duralde.

The Avengers Countdown: Top 5 Comic-Con Announcements and More! by John Gholson.

Giveaway: Win Crazy, Stupid, Love Stuff by

Our Favorite Speeches: Network by Monika Bartyzel.

Asian Film Monthly: Donnie Yen's Chinese Dragon, Thai Bikinis, Ghouls, and Gore, Japanese Films at Home and Abroad by Peter Martin

10 Choice Quotes From the Actors and Creatives Behind In TimePrometheus and Rise of the Planet of the Apes by Tara Bennett.


Tuesday, July 26th

The Darkest Hour

Comic-Con 2011 Wrap-Up: All the Coverage in One Place by Peter Hall

Buy Me, Rent Me, Forget Me: From Source Code to Dylan Dog: Dead of Night by Robert DeSalvo. 

When Can I Watch Sound of Music With My Kids by Sean O'Connell.

Toronto Fest Announces First Round of Films - Check Our Our 25 Most Anticipated (With Images and Trailers) by Erik Davis.

Dialogue: The Darkest Hour Director Chris Gorak on Reinventing the Alien Invasion Movie by Todd Gilchrist.

Dialogue: Len Wiseman Loves Total Recall by Todd Gilchrist.

Our Favorite Action Scenes: Air Force One by Perri Nemiroff.


Wednesday, July 27th

Mullholland Drive

Doc Talk: Documentaries on Netflix Need You to Save Them by Christopher Campbell.

The Hunger Games Countdown: Catching Fire at San Diego Comic-Con by Perri Nemiroff.

Indie Insights: The Pope Gets Anxious, Sarah's Key Proves More Popular Than Sarah Palin, Point Break Trailer Thrills by Peter Martin.

Our Favorite Couples: Mulholland Dr. by Alison Nastasi.

Hunger Games Fans Weigh In: The First Image of Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson As Gale and Peeta by Perri Nemiroff.


Thursday, July 28th

Attack the Block

Best/Worst Promo of the Week: Religious Fanatics, LARPers and Paranormal Entities by Perri Nemiroff.

Movie/Gamer: Why Uncharted Could Actually Work by Jenni Miller.

The Dark Knight Rises Countdown: The Epic Conclusion to the Dark Knight Legend by Chris Clow.

Critic's Corner: 200 Hours in the Dark by Dave White and Grae Drake.

8 Great...Dating Tips According to the Movies by Jeffrey M. Anderson.

Dialogue: Joe Cornish and John Boyega Talk Attack the Block, the Most Kick-Ass Movie of the Year by Peter Hall.

Girls on Film: Friends With Benefits and a Sea of Posmodern Pastiche by Monika Bartyzel.

The Last Horror Blog: Tales From the Crypt Rises Again by Peter Hall.


Friday, July 29th

Greater Than

International Trailer Domination Tour: Wong Kar Wai, French Sci-Fi, Rabit Horror 3D and More by Todd Brown.

Greater Than: Cowboys and Dinosaurs Trumps Cowboys and Aliens by John Gholson.

Best of the Month, Special Features: Including Rango, Das Boot, Insidious, Take Me Home Tonight and More by Robert DeSalvo.

Skip or Double Dip? That is the Question for Donnie Darko, Battle Beyond the Stars, The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Stargate: Atlantis by Robert DeSalvo.

Cine Latino: Chilean Miners Movie Gets the Green Light, Will Ferrell Learns Spanish for Casa de Mi Padre and Zoe Saldana Kills in Colombiana, Her First Latina Role by Elisa Osegueda.

The Weekend Rent: Borrow Something Blue by Robert DeSalvo.

Genre-Crossing Movies More Bizarre Than Cowboys & Aliens by Rick Marshall.

One Year Ago: Catching Up With Dinner for Schmucks, Charlie St. Cloud and More by Eric D. Snider.

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