How to Get Picked Up by Optimus Prime for Your Next Uber Ride

How to Get Picked Up by Optimus Prime for Your Next Uber Ride

Jun 17, 2014

Hey, you! Yes, you! Are you one of those folks who's all into the Uber thing lately? Like, instead of calling a cab, you whip out your Uber app and some local dude swings by to pick you up in his Honda Civic 10 minutes later? Well what if we could upgrade that Honda Civic to something a little more awesome... like a Transformer?

As part of a pretty sweet promotion for Transformers: Age of Extinction, Paramount teamed up with Uber to give fans the chance to travel inside Optimus Prime. It's only available in a couple of cities on select days and the ride lasts 15 minutes, but we bet those 15 minutes will be completely badass and full of check-me-out selfies.

One of our Paramount buddies recently uploaded this video to Instagram, apparently showing off what the Optimus Prime ride looks like in action.


Here's some info:



June 19, Phoenix: 1-7pm

June 21, Los Angeles: 1-7pm



When Optimus Prime is in your city, follow these steps to request a pickup:

  1. Open your Uber app and select the AUTOBOTS option
  3. Tap “ROLL OUT!”

If you’re lucky enough to make contact with Optimus, he’ll roll out to your location for a 15-minute experience.

Keep in mind: There’s only one Optimus Prime, so making contact will be difficult and may take many tries. But don’t give up!


If you wind up going for a ride, let us know (and send pics!).




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