Open this Gate: Stargate Gets Polished to Coincide with New TV Series

Open this Gate: Stargate Gets Polished to Coincide with New TV Series

Oct 02, 2009


It’s been 15 years since an inventive sci-fi thriller called Stargate opened in theaters and grossed almost $197 million worldwide, launched three TV shows, two movies and a galaxy of fans. Stargate featured a thin James Spader, a kick-ass Kurt Russell and an always androgynous Jaye Davidson fresh off his gender-bending Crying Game gig in a movie about instantaneous travel between faraway galaxies via Stargates.

There have been many incarnations of Stargate on DVD and Blu-ray, so how about another one to drum up interest in this fall’s new SyFy TV series Stargate Universe? You got it! Although the extended cut is already available on Blu-ray, someone thinks you need another special edition BD on October 27. So what’s new? Well, the special edition will have both the theatrical and extended cut, for starters. It also has three behind-the-scenes featurettes, “The Making of Stargate” documentary, “Master of Stargate” interactive trivia challenge and more. It sounds great for Gateheads, but Blu-ray Bob would like to see someone build a machine that can go back in time and release a complete Stargate on Blu-ray right out of the gate.

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