Open The Box With Cameron Diaz in February

Open The Box With Cameron Diaz in February

Jan 08, 2010

Imagine, in these dire economic times, if someone gave you a box with a button that, if pushed, would give you a million dollars. The catch? Someone you don’t know will die. This is the dilemma that average suburban couple Cameron Diaz and James Marsden faces in director Richard Kelly’s The Box, a twisted thriller based on a Richard Matheson story about greed and unforeseen ramifications that co-stars Frank Langella as the man with the most sinister box since Hellraiser

Warner Bros. is wrapping up The Box for sale on February 23 in a standalone DVD and a Blu-ray combo pack with both a BD and DVD. Both versions have an intimate interview with sci-fi master Matheson about his career, inspirations and the films that have been made from his books. The rest of the extras are exclusive to the BD combo pack, including commentary by Kelly, a featurette on how Kelly’s personal experiences helped shape this adaptation of Matheson’s short story, short surveillance montages that “expand beyond the story into a secretive world where you are the experiment,” and a visual effects featurette. We wish both versions would come packaged in a box with a button that, when pushed, causes pretentious Oscar-begging flicks to disappear forever and the awards shows with them. The sound you just heard was hundreds of Academy voters gasping in horror, so be careful whose buttons you push.

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