Open the Door for the Vampire Flick Let Me In on February 1

Open the Door for the Vampire Flick Let Me In on February 1

Nov 23, 2010

From where Blu-ray Bob sits, there’s already too much vampire fiction out there in the world and the idea of remaking a small Swedish vampire flick sounds like a cause to start hanging garlic -- which means recommending Let Me In is saying something, indeed. This English-language remake of Let the Right One In stars Kick-Ass's Chloë Moretz as the pint-sized blood drinker and is directed by Cloverfield's Matt Reeves. Both the DVD and Blu-ray will contain commentary by Reeves, a making-of featurette, "The Art of Special Effects," unrated deleted scenes, "Car Crash Sequence Step-By-Step," trailers and a poster gallery. The BD will also include "Dissecting Let Me In" and, for a limited time, comes packaged with a comic book prequel from Dark Horse Comics.

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