Only in Japan Can You Buy a Skyline Sex Toy

Only in Japan Can You Buy a Skyline Sex Toy

May 25, 2011

Japan is a land of wondrous consumer oddities, underwear vending machines and holographic pop stars. And now you can add another WTF product to the list: a Skyline-themed sex toy. No, that image you see to the left is not Skyline-themed deodorant, it's a Tenga.

What's a Tenga you ask? Let's just have Wikipedia explain that. As to how the alien invasion flick Skyline could possibly be turned into a sex toy, we'll let Don Brown, who brought these to our attention on Twitter, do the explaining:

"The Japanese distributor of the film SKYLINE, Shochiku, have apparently teamed up with Tenga to put out a branded promotional giveaway product (as seen in the photo). Tenga has collaborated with fashion brands and other companies to put out similar promo goods before, but this is the first time they've made them to push a film. Tenga is known for its "suction power", and there are scenes in SKYLINE where humans get sucked up by aliens, so that's the flimsy logic holding all this together."

Pretty incredible, no?

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