The One 'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation' Scene Tom Cruise Had to Be Talked Into Doing

The One 'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation' Scene Tom Cruise Had to Be Talked Into Doing

Aug 04, 2015

If you've seen the new Mission: Impossible movie, you get a feeling there ain't much Tom Cruise won't do. 

He'll hang from the wing of an airplane as it takes off, and then learn how to hold his breath underwater for six minutes straight (which is insane when you think about it for more than a second). He can drive cars backwards down flights of stairs and ride motorcycles at upwards of 200mph. 

But when I sat down with writer-director Chris McQuarrie to talk about Rogue Nation, I learned there was one particular scene he had to convince Cruise -- and the studio -- to do: the opera house sequence.

Believe it or not, that was the only time anybody hesitated," McQuarrie told me in an interview for Fandango. "Nobody hesitated about the airplane, the underwater sequence, the motorcycle chase -- the studio said, 'Really, an opera?' And Tom was like, "Really, an opera in a big summer action movie?"

Check out the rest of his comments in the video below.


Sometimes the scenes filmmakers fight the most for are the ones that actually wind up being the most memorable. Just the fact that they do set a scene at Vienna's State Opera House separates it from your typical guns-a-blazin' summer action-movie sequences. It stands out. It's something different, and it's one you wouldn't expect from a Mission: Impossible movie.

The sequence is tremendous, too -- every ounce of it oozing this throwback vibe to the days of Alfred Hitchcock, where mood, lighting and timely close-ups were just as important as a villain's weapon of choice (in this case a flute gun).

McQuarrie provided some commentary on the sequence for the New York Times, which is well worth watching after you've seen Rogue Nation


What's your favorite moment from the movie? 

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