On Today's 'To Do List:' Watch Aubrey Plaza Hilariously Describe Pleasuring Herself on Camera

On Today's 'To Do List:' Watch Aubrey Plaza Hilariously Describe Pleasuring Herself on Camera

Jul 24, 2013

With all the chatter surrounding The Wolverine, we'd be remiss in not mentioning Aubrey Plaza's The To Do List, which stars the deadpan comedic actress as a high school senior who attempts to gain a whole ton of valuable sexual experience before heading off to college. In order to accomplish this she creates a pretty explicit to-do list, including all the wild sexual acts she feels she needs to know before venturing off to the land of the sex veterans. 

Among all sorts of other R-rated shenanigans, one moment in The To Do List features a pretty hilarious masturbation scene in which Plaza angrily cheers herself on while wearing a Hilary Clinton T-shirt. In a pretty strange interview with GQ (that ends with Plaza bringing the interviewer back to her place to show him the knife she intends to kill him with), Plaza describes the scene as such: "I liked angrily masturbating. I say my own name, which you kind of think could be hot in a way, but it doesn't come off that way. I'm like, 'C'mon, Brandy. You got this, Brandy.' But I have two hands up my vagina and I'm just staring, and I'm wearing a Hillary Clinton T-shirt."

Last night on Conan O'Brien, she went into a bit more detail, revealing just how difficult it was to... well, get in the mood, I guess. Check out that clip below, and expect lots more funny anecdotes about sex and coming of age when The To Do List hits theaters this weekend.

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