Old White Ladies Like The King's Speech, So You Will Too!

Old White Ladies Like The King's Speech, So You Will Too!

Feb 04, 2011

One minute The Weinstein Co. is contemplating bleeping out the curse words and re-releasing The King's Speech with a PG-13 rating so that the 10-year-olds of the world can finally run to see the British period piece they've always dreamed about, and now the next minute they're hyping up a positive review from the Queen of England, as if the praise of a stuffy old white British woman is going to swing moviegoers (and Oscar voters) one way or the other.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, according to a press release -- a freakin' press release! -- the 84-year-old Queen of England reportedly found The King's Speech "moving" and "enjoyable." Personally, I'd rather have her hate it. Like really despise the thing to the point where we receive a press release alerting us to the fact that the Queen watched The King's Speech and then proceeded to vomit for 10 straight days. That's the kind of press that would get this film a few more views.

Heck, what 10-year-old wouldn't want to see the flick then? "Hey Mom, please take Joey and I to see the film that made that old funny-sounding lady puke for 10 days straight. Please! Please! We'll give up our allowances for, like, a year!"

Man, I should be in marketing. Oh well, maybe we'll show her The King's Speech again when it's converted to 3D. That'll make her puke.

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