An OkCupid Date That Lasted 21 Days Is Being Turned into a Movie

An OkCupid Date That Lasted 21 Days Is Being Turned into a Movie

May 01, 2014

In today’s chapter of “wild” and “crazy” things people do to become Internet famous is this story of two lonely hearts who met via OkCupid and decided to spend 21 days traveling to eight countries. “It sure beat meeting for coffee,” one half of the globe-trotting duo wrote for Salon. Unlike most people who spot an online dating profile in which the man wears an “oversize Mexican mariachi bow tie” and click away, Clara Bensen thought Jeff seemed like “trouble of the best variety.”

Naturally, she thought he’d be a blast to travel to strange lands with — “an old train along the Turkish coast, a giant ferry across the Aegean, a cramped bus through the Balkans, a series of hitches through Croatia, a flight to Edinburgh and a pair of bikes in London.” Did we mention that they wore the same clothes throughout their entire journey?

Writing of her newfound travel partner, Bensen describes the odd couple:

On the surface, we appeared to be sure candidates for ‘World’s Most Unlikely Pair.’ He’s a wildly energetic university professor who is always on the move. I’m a reclusive writer who spends hours identifying new constellations in the ceiling paint. He can strike an insta-friendship with any human not in a coma. I often pretend I don’t recognize people at the grocery store. Somehow our personality differences are offset by the fact that the same mad scientist blood flows through both of our veins. We live for the unexpected, the experimental and the subtly disruptive.

Of course, this has all the makings of a Hollywood rom-com, so New Line is trying to get Offspring Entertainment to turn the OkCupid duo’s story into a movie. OE is the same company that backed Rock of Ages, the Step Up movies and Going the Distance — in case you’re trying to gauge potential. File this project with the obnoxious 300 Sandwiches and 40 Days of Dating couples. They’re all starting to blend together at this point. [via Variety]




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