Okay, So Who's Actually Paying $30 to Watch Movies at Home?

Okay, So Who's Actually Paying $30 to Watch Movies at Home?

Apr 01, 2011

The big what-to-do this week had to do with some of the Hollywood studios officially announcing plans to launch a Premium VOD platform next month that would allow folks at home to watch movies one month before they arrive on DVD, and only two months after they hit theaters. Sounds awesome, right? Well, except for the past where you'll need to pay $30 to watch them because, ya know, you're getting the goods earlier than everyone else.

One month earlier, to be exact, and the films they're launching with are Adam Sandler's Just Go with It and Liam Neeson's Unknown. Hey, I like Adam Sandler just as much as the next moron, but I ain't paying $30 to see his latest film when it'll be $4.95 a month later. With so many different kinds of films to watch at lower prices On Demand, why would someone go out of their way to pay triple ... for Adam Sandler? That's like paying your neighbor to kick you in the nuts for no apparent reason.

Even as I write this I'm trying to think of a film that would actually be worth the thirty bucks to watch it a month earlier.

Hang on, I'm still thinking ...

Yeah, nope -- I can't think of one film that's either already out or about to come out that I would fork over $30 to watch, especially when all I need to do is wait four weeks to get that sucker for five bucks. Theater owners are all up in arms over this (as they should be) since shrinking the release window could hurt their business. My advice to theater owners is to chillax -- me and most of my friends are cheap-ass bastards, and no one I know will be forking over $30 to see a film two months after it hits theaters. Maybe while it's still in theaters, sure, but not two months later. Waste of money.

Then again, Adam Sandler has made 12 films that have grossed over $100 million, so maybe the American public wastes more money than you'd like to think.

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