Oh Stop Complaining About Ricky Gervais on The Golden Globes

Oh Stop Complaining About Ricky Gervais on The Golden Globes

Jan 17, 2011

It's typical of Hollywood to obsess over who's going to win the big awards (or wear the sluttiest outfits) come showtime, and then spend the next several days not talking about who won the awards, but about who hosted the awards. Lots of people are yip-yapping this week about Ricky Gervais, and how he roasted the hell out of many of the big-time celebs at this year's Golden Globe Awards. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is apparently all up in arms following Gervais' routine, saying he was out of line when he did things like belittle Tim Allen's entire career and make drug and jail references while introducing Robert Downey Jr. Many of the presenters were completely thrown off by Gervais' introductions -- mainly because no one except for Gervais knew what he was going to say beforehand -- and his audience didn't exactly know how to react since actors have a hard time laughing at the expense of other actors unless they're specifically prepped for five days in advance by some bozo publicist.

All of this made for ridiculously compelling television, so much so that it was probably the single best thing to happen to the Golden Globes in years. With so many people talking about the way Gervais went off on the celebs, the films (man, he trashed The Tourist) and even the HFPA themselves (by mentioning the Cher concert ticket scandal), how could you not want to bring this man back to host next year? And considering the Golden Globes are a complete farce as is -- complete with many celebs boozing it up for hours on end to the point where I'm surprised no one falls over wasted while accepting one of the night's final awards -- the HFPA should just get it out of way now, reboot the entire awards show and let Gervais just do stand-up for two hours in between announcing awards.

Should we really care about how some celeb had their feelings hurt, or how something Gervais said was "out of line?" I mean, really. Your job is to get people to watch the damn show, and with him roasting celebs left and right, you're guaranteed to get people watching -- and talking -- about this show for days. So stop whining about what Ricky Gervais said and start patting the man on the back for single-handedly saving your boring awards show.

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