'Offworld' Wants to Take You on an Alien Safari

'Offworld' Wants to Take You on an Alien Safari

Sep 14, 2011

Pandora Art

Were your favorite parts of Avatar when Jake was discovering the wildlife and fauna of Pandora for the first time?  If so, you might want to keep your eye on Offworld, a new film from British director Julian Gilbey (A Lonely Place to Die).  Details are sparse this early on, but The Hollywood Reporter tells us that the film is, "a sci-fi safari movie set on an alien planet."  

Sure, it's not much to go on, but the potential there is very interesting.  What kind of exoplanet safari are we talking about?  A leisurely vacation that goes wrong when the hovercar breaks down?  Is it a journey into the heart of darkness to find something?  Will it be narrated by David Attenborough?  Personally, I'm fine with all three so long as it involves a few human bits getting chomped on by alien bits.

Offworld will be written by David Leslie Johnson, one of the names responsible for the upcoming Clash of the Titans sequel.  It will be produced by LLoyd Levin, a man who helped usher along The Rocketeer, Boogie Nights, Hellboy and Watchmen.

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