Off Screen: The Strange Case of the New 'Naked Gun' Video Game from the Writer of 'Naked Gun 33 1/2'

Off Screen: The Strange Case of the New 'Naked Gun' Video Game from the Writer of 'Naked Gun 33 1/2'

Jan 04, 2012

Welcome to Off Screen, a new feature that follows up on big-screen characters in other media, be they comics, books, TV shows or video games.

We miss Leslie Nielsen a hell of a lot and wonder what he'd have to say about this trailer for the episodic game series based on the late actor's popular comedic franchise, The Naked Gun: ICUP. Naked Gun 33 1/3 screenwriter Bob LoCash co-wrote the game, which focuses on "spoofing modern crime dramas and lampooning popular video games." The makers also promised that "each episode will be fully voice-acted by top Hollywood talent to deliver a classic story-driven adventure supported by the itemized incentive structure of current popular social network games."

Initially the game was set to be released in September last year, to coincide with the Blu-ray debut of The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad. Then it vanished, until yesterday when a new trailer made the rounds and was met with some pretty negative responses. It appears that someone then put the Vimeo trailer on lockdown after folks gave it the blahs, which is why we're bringing you the YouTube version below. So where is it now? The game's Facebook page hasn't been updated since September 19th, and it's been radio silence ever since, until this trailer popped up. We're not sure Leslie Nielsen would approve, but let us know if you think we're wrong. At least it's a Frank Drebin, Jr. and not a wannabe Nielsen in the lead.
Here's an official synopsis thanks to Joblo, who definitely weren't shy about sharing their contempt for ICUP (and that's part of why we love them).
"Years after the events of the original films, a crime wave has overtaken the city, and there’s just one man who can stop it - Lt. Det. Frank Drebin Jr.! Bringing the strict “no-nonsense” professionalism inherited by his father, Lt. Drebin and his team of I.C.U.P. agents (International Crime Unit Police) must work together to solve the case and bring down a global crime syndicate."


[Hat tip to Bleeding Cool for the trailer]

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