Off Screen: 'Child's Play' Videogame Allows Xbox and Playstation 3 Owners to Play -- and Kill -- as Chucky

Off Screen: 'Child's Play' Videogame Allows Xbox and Playstation 3 Owners to Play -- and Kill -- as Chucky

Oct 12, 2011

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Chucky from Child's Play videogame

Videogames based on movies are a dime a dozen these days (and most of them are terrible), but developer TikGames is hoping to break that trend with a new title based on the Child’s Play film franchise. If you listen closely, you can hear anti-game nut Jack Thompson getting ready to explode.

While survival horror games aren’t anything new, pretty much every game in the genre puts the player in the role of a character trying to stop the evil monsters running amok killing people. This is not the case with Chucky’s new game adventure – which will court controversy by flipping the script and placing players in the role of the serial murdering doll and task them with tracking down and killing innocent victims. TikGames says players will use Chucky’s “full repertoire of stealth and guile to dispatch victims in a multitude of distinctive methods. In the end, it will be up to the player to decide how many (or few) people survive this stealth-action romp.”

That last part is interesting. TikGames seems willing to court a little controversy by allowing players to control a serial killer who murders helpless victims (and if it keeps with the tone of the films, we’re guessing the deaths will be more tongue-in-cheek than horrific), but at the same time, they’ve given themselves an “out” if things get too hot – the “player” can decide how many people ultimately live or die.

Of course, the idea of playing a slasher film villain in a game isn’t exactly new. Back in 1983, Atari 2600 developer Wizard Games released The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – a title that put players in control of the cannibalistic Leatherface and tasked them with finding (and eliminating) as many tourists who’d trespassed on the Sawyer family farm as they could before their chainsaw ran out of fuel. The game caused a minor controversy, with many retailers refusing to carry it at all, and others keeping it off the sales floor and selling it only by customer request.

Chucky’s big videogame debut was officially announced back in May, but it’s now back in the news because we know where the game will be appearing (but still not when…). Rather than release a full-fledged $60 retail game, Child’s Play is set to be a downloadable experience available through Xbox Live Arcade and Sony’s PlayStation Network. We suspect PC owners will be able to get in on the action at some point as well.

The idea of a Child’s Play game is moderately intriguing – if only in a “morbid curiosity” way. It's too soon to say if the game will be good, but we’ll be downloading it for sure. Since a new film featuring everyone’s favorite mass murdering Good Guys Doll continues to languish in development Hell, this game might be the only way Chucky fans get to see the character for the foreseeable future.

What do you guys think? Would you play a Child’s Play videogame?

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