Watch: If 'Wall-E' and 'Oblivion' Swapped Bodies

Watch: If 'Wall-E' and 'Oblivion' Swapped Bodies

Mar 07, 2013

Andrew Stanton's Wall-E wasn't the first movie ever made about a desolate, post-humanity planet Earth, but it is one of the finest. That's why when the trailer for Joseph Kosinksi's Oblivion first hit, showing an abandoned Earth and the lone survivor who is now its steward, it wasn't a lesser film like I Am Legend that came to mind, it was that little trash-stacking robot who could.

The comparison between the two was purely superficial, of course. Oblivion is an action movie about the aftermath of an alien invasion. Wall-E is a romantic adventure set in the aftermath of a lazy species. But what if the two did a body swap? Thanks to a YouTube user, we now know what that would look like.

One crafty individual has taken the exact audio from the trailer for Kosinski's film and synced it up with images from Stanton's, and the result is dynamite. It's also a fantastic little example of how the right editing can completely change your perception of a movie.

[via Blastr]

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