President Obama: "We're Building Iron Man"

President Obama: "We're Building Iron Man"

Feb 27, 2014

As technology evolves and make-believe tech begins to closely resemble our real-life capabilities, it's definitely not out of the question that the United States would one day want to build its own Iron Man. C'mon, just look at how popular he is at the box office -- imagine if he were actually real! Well, during a White House manufacturing innovation event, President Obama decided to have a little fun with those in attendance by announcing that, yes, we are building Iron Man. 

Of course he was joking, admitting at the end of his shtick that even if they were building Iron Man, that information would be classified. Still a fun little moment with President Obama, perhaps revealing his current pick for favorite superhero, as well as the one he'd most like to have in real life, too... assuming it doesn't lead to the creation of an enemy like Ultron cause, well, unfortunately the other Avengers may be a bit hard to re-create in today's world. [via @Gholson]




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