'Nymphomaniac' Appetizer: How Many Guys Can Two Girls Seduce on a Train?

'Nymphomaniac' Appetizer: How Many Guys Can Two Girls Seduce on a Train?

Jun 28, 2013

You may not adore all of Lars von Trier's movies (Melancholia, Antichrist, Dogville, etc.) and you may not even like them very much at all. But one thing you have to give him credit for is his overwhelming desire to keep experimenting; to keep changing it up. He's always searching for a different way to tell a story -- something unique, unexpected and often a bit controversial -- and regardless of the outcome, he always gives you plenty to talk about. In Nymphomaniac, Charlotte Gainsbourg stars as a sex-addicted woman who tells of her erotic experiences to a man who saves her after a beating. 

Separated into eight chapters, it appears the film will cruise between distinct moments in her life, with help from costars Shia LaBeouf, Jamie Bell, Christian Slater, Uma Thurman, Willem Dafoe, Connie Nielsen, Stellan Skarsgård and Stacy Martin (who plays the young Gainsbourg in the clip below). To prepare us for the onslaught of big-screen debauchery heading our way, the director offers up what he calls an "appetizer" (not a teaser or a trailer) that sets up the film's first chapter, "The Compleat Angler."

Here's the description that comes with: How does an ordinary bag of chocolate sweets become a symbol of sexual victory as Joe and her experienced friend B embark on a train trip, they bet on how many men they can seduce on the ride. The grand prize is a delicious bag of chocolate sweets, and it soon becomes clear to Joe that in order to win, she needs to lure the prey into biting the hook like a skilled fisherman.

The chapters are as follows:

1. The Compleat Angler 
2. Jerome 
3. Mrs. H 
4. Delirium 
5. The Little Organ School 
6. The Eastern and The Western Church (The Silent Duck) 
7. The Mirror 
8. The Gun 


Expect Nymphomaniac to hit theaters in Europe at the end of the year, and hopefully in the U.S. at that time too.






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