Nu to Blu: This Week's Releases, Plus News About an Aliens Anthology, Dirty Dancing, The Sound of Music, More

Nu to Blu: This Week's Releases, Plus News About an Aliens Anthology, Dirty Dancing, The Sound of Music, More

Feb 25, 2010

Congratulations—you’ve got your sweet HDTV and married it to a beautiful Blu-ray player. Let us help plan your Netflix calendar with these high-def headlines every Thursday:

A promotional flyer from 20th Century Fox features the H.R. Giger-designed creature from Ridley Scott’s Alien with this announcement: “Alien Anthology Coming to Blu-ray Christmas 2010.” The use of the word “anthology” seems to suggest that it will include all four Alien films (Alien, Aliens, Alien3 and Alien: Resurrection) and, possibly, the two Alien vs. Predator movies, which are already available on BD.

Brian De Palma’s Carlito’s Way, starring Al Pacino, makes its Blu-ray debut on May 18. It was one of the most anticipated titles previously released on the defunct HD DVD format.

20th Century Fox/MGM have announced their catalog titles for April and May. On April 6 we get The Thomas Crown Affair, May 4 brings Jennifer Garner as Elektra, and on May 11 there is The Edge, High Anxiety, History of the World: Part I, Marked for Death and Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

Lionsgate announced a Dirty Dancing limited keepsake edition “just in time for Mother’s Day” for release on May 4. The remastered BD includes over an hour of new footage and comes packaged with a 52-page hardcover book plus a coupon for $50 off a stay at the real Kellerman’s Resort (Mountain Lake Hotel in Virginia).

20th Century Fox made a teaser trailer for the classic The Sound of Music, which it says will make the hills come alive by the holidays.

Do you like old gladiator movies? If so, mark May 25 on your calendar—Universal is debuting Stanley Kubrick’s 1960 Oscar-winning classic Spartacus on BD with a slew of behind-the-scenes featurettes and interviews.

The senior-citizen fantasy flick Cocoon gets a youthful, high-def makeover on April 6 with commentary by director Ron Howard, “Underwater Training,” a behind-the-scenes featurette and much more.

This Week: New on BD
Analyze This/Analyze That, The Crazies (1973), Dirty Harry/Magnum Force, Grumpy Old Men/Grumpier Old Men, Miss Congeniality/Miss Congeniality 2, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead and Presumed Innocent/Frantic

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