Nu to Blu: The Road to Perdition, The Stepfather, Time Bandits and More

Nu to Blu: The Road to Perdition, The Stepfather, Time Bandits and More

May 06, 2010

Sam Mendes’s powerful crime drama The Road to Perdition steals the show on August 3 when it arrives on Blu-ray. The 2002 Oscar-winning film starring Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, Jude Law and Jennifer Jason Leigh includes commentary by Mendes, deleted scenes and a making-of featurette. The BD also new exclusive extras like an HD introduction by Mendes, “A Cinematic Life: The Art & Influence of Conrad Hall” and “The Library: A Further Exploration of the World of Road to Perdition.” 

Before he played John Locke on Lost Terry O’Quinn played the father figure from hell in the 1987 cult thriller The Stepfather. Shout Factory is bringing the movie home on Blu-ray for the first time on June 15 with “The Stepfather Chronicles”—an all-new retrospective featuring interviews with director Joseph Ruben, producer Jay Benson, actress Jill Schoelen, author Brian Garfield and others on the making of the film and its legacy. Was O’Quinn so busy transforming into the smoke monster on Lost that he missed his own party? 

Director Terry Gilliam’s 1981 adventure Time Banditsabout a boy who is whisked away by dwarfs to travel through history and meet figures like Robin Hood, Napoleon and King Agamemnon and steal their treasures—makes its Blu-ray debut on August 24. Starring Micahel Palin, John Cleese and Sean Connery, Time Bandits includes an interview with Gilliam about cult fantasy favorite. 

The 2007 documentary In the Shadow of the Moon featured interviews with all the surviving crew members from the Apollo missions—the only humans to have walked on another world. The Blu-ray, which debuts on August 10, includes a commentary track, intro by Apollo 13 director Ron Howard, bonus interviews and stories, “Scoring Apollo: A Short Feature with Composer Philip Sheppard” and “Ron Howard: Inspired by Apollo.” 

Also new on BD this week: Dirty Dancing: Limited Keepsake Edition, Doctor Zhivago: 45th Anniversary Edition, The Dukes, Elektra: Director’s Cut, Escape From L.A., Hamlet (2009), K-19: The Widowmaker, Leap Year, Nine, The Notebook, Preacher’s Kid, Saving Private Ryan and Tooth Fairy

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