Nu to Blu: Se7en, The Breakfast Club, Evil Dead and More

Nu to Blu: Se7en, The Breakfast Club, Evil Dead and More

May 20, 2010

The Blu-ray debut of David Fincher’s Se7en on September 14 will elicit feelings of at least one of the Seven Deadly Sins—envy—that the serial killer in the movie obsesses over, if you're not among those picking it up. The dark crime thriller starring Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kevin Spacey has been “artfully remastered” and comes packaged with a 32-page book filled with photography, production notes and trivia. Extras include four commentaries, additional/extended scenes, alternate endings, production design and still photographs with commentaries and more. 

Hey, hey, hey, hey—don’t you forget about The Breakfast Club. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of John Hughes’s classic Gen-X teen comedy starring Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy and Emilio Estevez, Universal is making The Breakfast Club Blu on August 3. The studio released the movie on HD DVD back in 2006, but here’s to hoping it steps up the extras on this anniversary BD edition. 

Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead has been released and rereleased on DVD so many times that Blu-ray Bob has lost count. Now Starz/Anchor Bay has announced that the low-budget horror classic starring Bruce Campbell will rise again for its Blu-ray debut on August 31. The movie’s two sequels—Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn and Army of Darkness—are already available on BD. 

Although Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is already available on Blu-ray as part of a three-pack with House of Flying Daggers and Curse of the Golden Flower as well as a UK import, Sony is releasing Ang Lee’s heroic tale individually on BD for the first time domestically on July 27. The disc includes two commentaries, a making-of featurette and “A Conversation with Michelle Yeoh.” 

More 3D Blu-rays are becoming available but, at this early stage, most of them are being bundled with 3D HDTVs and 3D Blu-ray players. If you pick up one of Panasonic’s VT25 3D televisions between now and July 10 you’ll get a mail-in voucher to receive new 3D Blu-rays of Coraline and Ice Age. You’ll still have to wait eight to 14 weeks for delivery, but you’ll be the first on the block to have two of the first new 3D titles. 

Terry Zwigoff’s acclaimed 1995 documentary Crumb about the provocative career and life of underground artist Robert Crumb comes home on Blu-ray on August 10 as part of the Criterion Collection. Supplements include a new commentary by Zwigoff, a 2006 commentary with Zwigoff and Roger Ebert, deleted scenes, a still gallery and a booklet featuring an essay by critic Jonathan Rosenbaum. 

Also new on BD this week: Carlito’s Way, Extraordinary Measures, Invictus, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, The Messenger (2009), The New Daughter, The Spy Next Door, Valentine’s Day, The Way of War and When in Rome

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