Nu to Blu: Network, All the President's Men, Ishtar, the Truth about Avatar in 3D and More

Nu to Blu: Network, All the President's Men, Ishtar, the Truth about Avatar in 3D and More

Oct 28, 2010

Two classic 1976 Oscar-winning films will achieve high-def status on February 15 when Warner Bros. releases Network and All the President's Men on Blu-ray. You won't be "mad as hell" about the extras for Network, which include a six-part making-of documentary, "Getting Mad as Hell and Walter Cronkite's Reflections," commentary by director Sidney Lumet and much more. All the President's Men will be a digibook and will include making-of featurettes, "Out of the Shadows: The Man Who Was Deep Throat," commentary by Robert Redford, vintage interviews and press footage and much more.

James Cameron recently said that a 3-D version of Avatar would be "two years" or so down the road, but he must have been referring to its availability to the general public because details are emerging about Panasonic's exclusive deal. It seems the 3-D Blu-ray of Avatar will be available December 1 of this year as part of Panasonic's 3-D Ultimate Pack to new buyers of any Panasonic full 3-D HDTV. The disc will also be available to customers who purchased a Panasonic 3-D TV prior to December 1, through the Viera 3-D TV Loyalty Program. If anyone buys a Panasonic 3-D HDTV and does not want his or her copy of Avatar in 3-D, please reach out to Blu-ray Bob via

It went down as one of the most notorious and expensive failures in cinema history, but Sony is hoping Ishtar appeals to a wider audience in high definition with its Blu-ray debut on January 4. The comedy starring Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty has achieved a certain cult status since its release in 1987, and both Quentin Tarantino and Edgar Wright have gone on the record saying that they like the film. No word yet if the supplements will include any input from writer-director Elaine May, whose career's demise is often blamed on Ishtar.

Robert Rodriguez's Mexico Trilogy starring Antonia Banderas will be all over high definition in January. Sony is releasing El Mariachi together with Desperado as a double pack on January 11, while the Blu-ray of Once Upon a Time in Mexico will hit shelves a week earlier on January 4 even though it is the last film in the series.

Return to the Scottish Highlands circa the 1700s when Rob Roy gets a high-definition makeover on January 11. The 1995 Michael Caton-Jones-directed film stars Liam Neeson as the titular hero and Jessica Lange as his lass, but it was Tim Roth who garnered all the award nominations as the Marquis' evil henchman Archibald Cunningham.

The closest you're likely to see cinema sweetheart Sandra Bullock take it all off is in the steamy Fire on the Amazon. The Academy Award-winning actress gets a sweaty case of jungle fever in the Roger Corman-produced 1993 adventure, which makes its unrated Blu-ray debut on January 18. No supplements have been revealed, but don't hold your breath for Sandy to wax philosophical about this movie nugget she surely wishes would stay buried.

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