Nu to Blu: Disney's Animated Alice in Wonderland, Dances with Wolves, New Avatar Extras and Much More

Nu to Blu: Disney's Animated Alice in Wonderland, Dances with Wolves, New Avatar Extras and Much More

Nov 04, 2010

Go back down the rabbit hole in high-def when Disney's 1951 animated Alice in Wonderland makes its Blu-ray debut on February 1. This 60th Anniversary Edition will be a BD/DVD combo pack and will include "Operation Wonderland," "I'm Odd": newly discovered Cheshire Cat song and intro, "Thru the Mirror" Mickey Mouse animated short, "One Hour in Wonderland," "An Alice Comedy: Alice's Wonderland," "Through the Keyhole: A Companion's Guide to Wonderland," "Painting the Roses Red" game, a never-before-seen 1959 color TV intro by Walt Disney, "Reference Footage: Alice and the Doorknob," "Pencil Test: Alice Shrinks" and enough more to make your lose your head with excitement.

The extended cut of Kevin Costner's Oscar-winning Western Dances with Wolves will make its Blu-ray debut on January 11. Most of the previous DVD extras will be ported over along with newly produced supplements.

Speaking of Dances with Wolves, that extras-free Avatar Blu-ray you already own just got an upgrade via BD-Live two weeks before the extended edition comes out. Now you can peek at some deleted scenes, a few excerpts from the Avatar documentary and raw footage of scenes with your BD-Live-enabled player. The new extras do not include a script comparison between Avatar and Dances with Wolves, however.

The first season of The Twilight Zone is an example of how good classic television—even in black and white—can look on Blu-ray. The second season will be available on November 16 and now Image Entertainment has announced The Twilight Zone: Season 3 will enter our dimension on February 15. The five-disc set will contain all 37 episodes from the 1961 season.

Although the Back to the Future Trilogy was one of the most anticipated Blu-ray releases yet, we wish we could leave its packaging in the past. Getting the discs out of the set and into your Blu-ray player is so cumbersome that you literally need instructions from Universal to do it. Here's to hoping this packaging never appears again in anyone's future.

Warner Bros. has expanded its DVD2Blu trade-in program to include any store-bought DVD. What this means is that you can mail in a crappy DVD like The Ugly Truth and trade it in for discounted Blu-rays, like a measly $4.95 for Beerfest up to $19.95 for the complete second season of Chuck.

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