Nu to Blu: Avatar in 3D, Bad Boys, Piranha, Charlie’s Angels and More

Nu to Blu: Avatar in 3D, Bad Boys, Piranha, Charlie’s Angels and More

May 27, 2010

It looks like Na’vi nuts will be able to see Avatar in 3D at home a little earlier than expected. The highest-grossing film of all time—and the biggest Blu-ray seller of all time—will be released on 3D Blu-ray in November of this year, but there’s a catch. For several months, the only way to get the Avatar 3D BD will be to buy it bundled with specific Panasonic 3D equipment (which hasn't been announced yet, but most likely will involve a 3D TV or BD player). If that's a little rich for your blood, a non-3D version with bonus features will also be available.

Bad Boys, Bad Boys…what you gonna do when it comes to Blu? Yes, Michael Bay’s first full-length film starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as narcotics officers who take on the Miami underworld makes its Blu-ray debut on June 1. Extras for the adrenaline-fueled flick include commentary by Bay, a making-of documentary and three music videos. 

Just a few weeks before the sure-to-be-a-scream Piranha 3D opens in theaters, Shout Factory is releasing the 1978 cult classic Piranha on Blu-ray for the first time on August 3. The Joe Dante-directed Jaws rip-off includes a commentary track, “The Making of Piranha” featurette, still gallery, additional scenes and bloopers and outtakes. 

Sony will send you some Angels—Charlie’s Angels starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu—on Blu-ray on August 3. Extras include commentary by director McG and his cinematographer, “Getting G’d Up,” “The Master and the Angels,” “Welcome to the Angel World,” “Angelic Attire: Dressing Cameron, Drew and Lucy,” “Angelic Effects,” music videos, bloopers, and deleted and extended scenes. No word yet on a Blu-ray date for the sequel, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. 

Warner Bros. is spacing out on September 7 by bringing five sci-fi films home to Blu-ray for the first time: Forbidden Planet, Mars Attacks!, THX 1138 Director’s Cut, Lost in Space and A Scanner Darkly. Forbidden Planet—one of the most seminal sci-fi films in history—got restored for its 50th anniversary and released on HD DVD back in 2006. Since then, the studio says there has been “enormous consumer demand” to release the film featuring Robby the Robot on the high-def format that isn’t defunct. 

Also new on BD this week: Babysitter Wanted, City of the Living Dead, Dear John, Django, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, It Waits, Merlin and the Book of Beasts, Pep Squad, Possession (2009), The Road, Spartacus: 50th Anniversary Edition, Stagecoach and True Blood: The Complete Second Season

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