Now You Can Read The 'X-Files' Episode That Was Turned Into 'Final Destination'

Now You Can Read The 'X-Files' Episode That Was Turned Into 'Final Destination'

Jun 17, 2015

Final Destination

Back in the early '90s Jeffrey Reddick was just an aspiring screenwriter looking to break into Hollywood. His plan to land an agent was to write a spec script for one of his favorite shows, The X-Files. So he came up with a plot involving someone who has a premonition about a plane crash that results in a few people's lives getting saved, only to then have death hunt down those that should have been killed on the plane.

The script landed Reddick an agent, who then passed it along to someone at New Line. New Line loved it and asked him if he could turn it into a feature film. And thus Flight 180, born of a love for The X-Files, was on track to become a movie that had nothing to do with The X-Files.

That was back in 1994. It took another six years for it to become Final Destination, which funnily enough wound up being the feature film directorial debut of X-Files producer James Wong. And now 21 years later, Reddick has looped back around and posted to Bloody Disgusting the original X-Files spec script online for fans to check out.

It's actually a pretty neat, fast read that obviously keeps that same core idea but gives it a total X-Files makeover. The one who has the premonition is Scully's younger brother, though the reason Scully and Mulder get involved is because death doesn't just kill people and make it look like an accident, but rather sort of hypnotizes them and lures them into situations where it will look like they've committed suicide.

If you're a fan of either franchise, it's worth a gander. Read it over at B-D.


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