Now You Can Dress Up as the Leg Lamp from 'A Christmas Story' for Halloween

Now You Can Dress Up as the Leg Lamp from 'A Christmas Story' for Halloween

Sep 17, 2012



If you and yours are like most families that enjoy gathering around the TV for a holiday film and a good laugh, A Christmas Story definitely ranks number one — or close to it — on the list of merrymaking movies you watch during the festive season. The beloved 1983 film tells the tale of Ralphie Parker who wants a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas and endures the disappointment of a Secret Society decoder pin, getting beat up by the local bully, and having his mouth washed out with soap in the days leading up to December 25. It all works out in the end for Ralphie, however, who [SPOILER] gets the toy gun he always wanted by the end of the movie.
Given the number of film-inspired Halloween costumes out there — many of them truly terrible — we felt compelled to share two that we spotted on website Neatorama that we might actually consider wearing. The first is a hilarious re-creation of the famous leg lamp that Ralphie's father became obsessed with. After the old man won a contest, a strange gift arrived in the mail marked FRAGILE ("Fra-JEE-lay! Must be Italian!"). Ralphie's mom despised the bizarre, sexy lamp and eventually broke it. The other costume is the pink bunny suit that Ralphie's Aunt Clara gave him for Christmas. Ralphie remarks how she sees him as a young girl — at least according to the gifts he receives from her. The Pepto-Bismol color will help distinguish you from the people dressed like Donnie Darko's deranged bunny at Halloween parties. Pick them both up at Neatorama's store
Also, check out the terrible trailer for the direct-to-DVD sequel to A Christmas Story. Ralphie looks like he went wild with a bottle of peroxide. Yea, it's not good. At the very least, the trailer will remind you of how amazing the original film really is. Happy (early) holidays!





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