Now the Short Film George Lucas Had Made For 'Empire Strikes Back' Is Becoming a Feature Film

Now the Short Film George Lucas Had Made For 'Empire Strikes Back' Is Becoming a Feature Film

Jun 02, 2015

Update 6/2/15: Black Angel director Roger Christian has revealed he's making a feature length version of the movie. They are raising some funds on IndieGoGo, but apparently it's just the last little bit of funding needed and the movie is otherwise ready to go. So if you are interested in seeing the feature gets made, head here for more information.


When Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back hit theaters in 1980 a very special short film played in front of it in select theaters around the world. This wasn't just a fleeting five minute cartoon or anything like that, either. Black Angel was a robust, lushly photographed 25-minute film commissioned by George Lucas himself with the express purpose of showing audiences something they normally wouldn't see in a theater (aside from Star Wars itself, that is).

In the thirty years since Empire Strikes Back, however, there has been no easy way to actually watch Black Angel. The original negative for the film, directed by Roger Christian (who won the Oscar for Best Art Direction for the first Star Wars), got lost and thus wasn't included on the various VHS or DVD versions of Empire Strikes Back

A few years ago, though, the negative for the film was randomly rediscovered. After a few plays at film festivals, Christian has finally put the film online for all to see. There is a bit of a strange catch, however. For reasons unknown, Christian is taking it offline at the end of May.

Now before you press play on the below and expect to find a slice of the Star Wars universe you've never seen before, we should point out that this short doesn't take place in a galaxy far, far away. It's a medieval fantasy piece that's light on dialogue and heavy on visuals. In fact, according to Christian's introduction, director John Boorman loved the tone so much, he made his entire crew watch it before filming Excalibur.

Check it out. And if you're reading this post after June 1st, 2015, sorry. You may have to wait another 30 years to see it.





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