Now Disney Has Its Own Robin Hood Movie in Development

Now Disney Has Its Own Robin Hood Movie in Development

Dec 05, 2014

Robin Hood Costner

What’s old is new again, as Sony and Disney are both poised to take action fans back into the wilds of Sherwood Forest with competing takes on Robin Hood.

A few months back, Sony revealed plans for a new adventure titled Hood. The film would be the first installment in what the company hoped would become a “shared universe” franchise featuring the legendary character (as a side note, maybe someone can convince Hollywood that not everything needs to be a “shared” or “cinematic universe” these days. It’s okay for a movie to stand alone).

Now we’ve learned that it won’t be the only company looking to reunite Robin with his band of merry men. Disney has purchased a script from screenwriter Brandon Barker that looks to put Robin Hood in a franchise comparable to the company’s Pirates of the Caribbean.

Nottingham & Hood will be Disney’s second crack at the Robin Hood folklore. The first was an animated feature released back in 1973 that has become a classic in its own right. The Robin Hood story is intimately familiar to film audiences, who have seen countless versions of the character appear on the screen over the decades. Errol Flynn’s take on the altruistic character is still the best, but modern stars like Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe have also donned the tights with varying degrees of success. Now it seems two more actors will be joining that list sometime in the next few years.

We’ll bring you more from Sherwood Forest as details about both of these projects are revealed.

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