Our Favorite Couples: Jake Wyler and Janey Briggs of 'Not Another Teen Movie'

Our Favorite Couples: Jake Wyler and Janey Briggs of 'Not Another Teen Movie'

Jul 20, 2011

Jake Wyler and Janey Briggs

Chris Evans’ resume is oozing with superpowers. He’s the Human Torch in both Fantastic Four films, moved things with his mind in Push and on Friday, he’ll rock the big screen as the ultimate military weapon, Captain America. However, even without supernatural abilities, Evans still makes the ladies swoon as The Losers’ computer whiz, Jensen, and as superstar skateboarder-turned-actor, Lucas Lee, in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Yet still, Evans doesn’t need fame, heavy artillery or superpowers to make heads turn; all he needs is some whipped cream and cherries.

At the onset of the spoof craze in 2001, Evans made a statement as She’s All That Zack Siler (Freddie Prinze, Jr.) knockoff, Jake Wyler. Taking a cue from the 1999 teen romcom, Not Another Teen Movie follows Jake’s quest to turn the school loser, Janey Briggs (Chyler Leigh), into the next prom queen. Problem is, Janey’s smart and isn’t about to believe the big man on campus could possibly go for a girl that’s got glasses, a pony tail and paint on her overalls. Jake’s got to work to achieve the impossible, both in terms of upping Janey’s status on the school social hierarchy and winning Janey’s heart himself as, to his surprise, he’s really falling for her. He’s got to up his game.

You know what happens when you Google “Varsity Blues?” A picture of Ali Larter in a certain homemade bikini is one of the first images to pop up. Lucky for us ladies, the Not Another Teen Movie writers opted to turn the tables, making Evans the latest whipped creamed delicacy. However, what may be more than enough for us wasn’t satisfying for Janey, as even after Jake dubs his tasty treat a banana split, she takes a pass. One of many hilariously disastrous moments in this wonderfully cliché on-screen relationship.

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