Noomi Rapace Says Conflicting Things About 'Prometheus 2'

Noomi Rapace Says Conflicting Things About 'Prometheus 2'

Feb 27, 2013

We feel bad for any actor who does press for an unrelated movie before making a sequel to a Hollywood blockbuster. They're going to have to answer the same questions about the forthcoming sequel over and over and over. Sure, that hardly makes acting in multimillion dollar movies the worst gig in the world, but it's got to be obnoxious. Case in point: Noomi Rapace, who recently spent her press day for Dead Man Down answering every single journalist's questions about what's going on with Prometheus 2.

Only in this case, she didn't give the same answer every time.

Rapace says she's met recently with Ridley Scott to talk about the film, but that they still "need to find the right story." That's a pretty safe and understandable response at this point, though it appears to be at odds with what she told reporter Todd Gilchrist earlier that same day:

So they still have to find the right story, but somehow the script's incredible? At least that's as logical as a lot of what happens in Prometheus.

Of course, though we're poking fun at the scenario, don't take the difference in quotes to mean anything nefarious is at play. The reality is most likely that Prometheus 2 is indeed in preproduction (and probably has been for months), and Rapace has indeed talked with Scott about story elements, and she indeed thinks it's going to be incredible, but there's probably not a script for it at this stage. And the discrepancy between the quotes can be attributed to little more than an actress trying to please publicists by building buzz without actually saying anything of substance about the film. In this case it just didn't go quite so smoothly.

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