Today's Best Sequel News: 'Ninja 2' Is Coming!

Today's Best Sequel News: 'Ninja 2' Is Coming!

Oct 09, 2012

Scott Adkins in Ninja

Grab your throwing stars and clean up your black pajamas, because Ninja 2 is headed your way!

Moviehole reports that Nu Image has hired director Isaac Florentine and actor Scott Adkins to craft a sequel to the 2009 action vehicle Ninja. This is good news for cult action fans, as this is the same duo responsible for the first film.

That outing evoked memories of Cannon Films’ American Ninja series. Adkins studies the deadly ninja arts in Japan, but is sent back to America to protect a chest containing the last weapons of the infamous Koga ninja clan. Naturally, lots of awesome ass-kicking ensues.

We’ve got no plot details for where the sequel might be headed, but sometimes just knowing more sword-swinging action is headed our way is enough. Filming will commence on Ninja 2 sometime in 2013. Until then, enjoy this trailer for the first entry in the series. 

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