Nicolas Cage to Star in New 'Left Behind' Film Series Directed by the World's Greatest Stuntman

Nicolas Cage to Star in New 'Left Behind' Film Series Directed by the World's Greatest Stuntman

Oct 22, 2012

You've probably heard of the Left Behind film series. They're based on the Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins best-selling novels about a group of people left behind after the Rapture ensues and Christians are floated up into the heavens to meet God. The authors or the directors didn't devise that part; it's in the Bible, even though it sounds like something out of a sci-fi film. All the films are low-budget efforts that feature teen sitcom star Kirk Cameron who is now a very vocal and active evangelical Christian. The Hollywood Reporter has indicated that the movies may be seeing a new face, and it's not someone you'd likely expect to appear in a biblical tale. 

Nicolas Cage may be appearing in a new trilogy inspired by the books and independent movies, this time directed by famed stuntman Vic Armstrong (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Superman). Cage was raised Catholic, but in the mid-1990s he stated that he wasn't a religious person. "I do not have a religion in my life; I wasn’t raised that way. My father always believed that if I was going to have a religion I should discover it on my own and not have it crammed down my throat at a young age. I kind of wish I had some religion." In 2009 he appeared in the movie Knowing — Alex Proyas' disaster flick that had an Armegeddon/religious slant. At that time, Cage was ambiguous about his religious view, saying, "Any of my personal beliefs or opinions runs the risk of impinging on your own relationship with the movie. I feel movies are best left enigmatic, left raising more questions than answers. I don’t want to ever preach. So [whatever you get] from the movie [is] far more interesting than I could ever offer."

While it's not a requirement that the Left Behind cast be devout Christians, Cage's inclusion is certainly out of character with the rest of his filmography. We just pray that his makeup artist glues the actor's crazed toupee down, or he'll totally lose it during the Rapture. That would be devastating.

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