Next 'Hunger Games' Trailer to Premiere Monday; Movie Must Make $100 Million to Get a Sequel

Next 'Hunger Games' Trailer to Premiere Monday; Movie Must Make $100 Million to Get a Sequel

Nov 10, 2011

With The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 arriving in theaters next Friday, November 18th, the folks over at Lionsgate have wisely decided to throw down some more Hunger Games promo during the same week. There's no doubt they want -- and need -- this Hunger Games movie to put up big numbers at the box office, and a lot of eyes will be tuned in for this second trailer when it debuts this Monday, November 14th on Good Morning America. Lionsgate is rolling out the red carpet for this thing, bringing in Josh Hutcherson (Peeta) to host the trailer debut, which will also be shown on GMA's jumbotron in Times Square. We expect the online premiere to be a big deal too, and as we've done in the past will round up reactions from all the major Hunger Games fansites immediately after it hits.

And Lionsgate needs this one to hit hard. The first trailer -- a 60-second teaser which showed Jennifer Lawrence running through the woods shooting arrows -- wasn't very well-received by the fan community, and with a monster like Breaking Dawn hitting theaters that same week, this new Hunger Games trailer will have to show more signs of it actually being the "event movie" Lionsgate says it is.

Bloomberg ran a recent profile on the studio's two head executives, Jon Feltheimer and Michael Burns, who claim that after misfires like Conan the Barbarian (which they hoped would be a trilogy), Warrior and Abduction, the studio needs Hunger Games to become the blockbuster it's destined to be, especially with 16 million copies of the novel sold around the world. Feltheimer says that The Hunger Games will have to earn at least $100 million in order to warrant them making the franchise's planned 3-4 films, adding "I'm not too concerned we won't get to that kind of number."

Well, the first road to that number begins with the film's marketing -- and so, yeah, you could say there's a lot riding on Monday's trailer debut. We look forward to checking it out. You?

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