New York City Is Being Pranked with Signs for Movie Sequels That Don't Exist

New York City Is Being Pranked with Signs for Movie Sequels That Don't Exist

Oct 13, 2015

Annie Hall 2? The Godfather IV? Do the Right Thing 2

According to signs posted around New York City right now, these sequels are all being made as we speak! 

Ah, but there's a catch.

A couple of local pranksters are currently taking advantage of the typical "No Parking" sign signaling a movie or television production has taken over a street or neighborhood by posting fake signs for horrible movie sequels that do not exist.

No, Woody Allen is not making an Annie Hall sequel anytime soon. Thank god.

Jason Eppink and Mike Lacher -- who once created a fake "tourist lane" on the streets of New York (pictured below) -- are the ones behind the prank, which has apparently taken on a life of its own since, according to Eppink.

“Mike Lacher and I decided to invent terrible hypothetical sequels for movies based in New York City and post “no parking” signs for these fictional film shoots,” he says.

What began with Annie Hall 2 signs eventually evolved to include films like Do the Right Thing 2 and The Godfather IV. However, when the duo went to post their Godfather IV signs, they noticed someone by the name of "Chad" had already posted his own. The original prank now has a copycat.

So heads up New York -- there are at least two sets of pranksters posting production signs for fake movie sequels all over the city. If you happen to park near a sign touting the filming of Taxi Driver 2, do not be alarmed. It isn't real...

... yet.

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